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Basic Introduction to Flag Burning Ceremonies

The United States Flag code dictates that all flags that are torn, worn, or faded beyond are to be disposed of in dignified manner, preferably by fire. Patriotic organizations from time to time will conduct a Flag Retirement Ceremony by fire (often called a Flag Burning Ceremony) to retire flags that have flown over their country with pride and now are torn, worn, or faded beyond repair. This home page's intent is to enable any patriotic person to carry out a Flag Retirement Ceremony by fire.

The first step in carrying out a Flag Retirement Ceremony by fire is planning. There are many things that need to be planned and done before the ceremony can be conducted. The first step is to decide who is going to do it. Flag Burning Ceremonies depend on having volunteers to help carryout the ceremony. Usually it is a Boy Scout Troop or some type of patriotic organization that will carryout the ceremony. The second thing to consider is where will the ceremony be held at. The third thing to consider is when you are going to have it. Once these items have been settled then the person conducting the ceremony will have to ask the group to help him or her. Then he or she will have to get permission to conduct the ceremony on the chosen date from the people who have control over the chosen place.

Once you have collected your flags, then you will need to plan for the ceremony. A script will be necessary. A guest speaker may be appropriate. Additionally someone should say a prayer at the ceremony and someone will need to be asked to do this too. Details about the ceremony about are on separate sections of this page. After the ceremony the ashes from the ceremony are buried

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